Are you tired of feeling this way and are ready for a change?

Are you tired of repeating patterns in your life that are not serving you well?

Would you like support and guidance in learning how to make change
happen more easily, more quickly, and in a way that is lasting?

I have had much experience working with clients who experience the following types of needs and concerns:

·       Anxiety and stress management

·       Social anxiety

·       Decision making

·       Depression, including post-partum

·       Eating Disorders (Binge Eating, Bulimia)

·       Improving communication

·       Relationship issues:

·       Break ups

·       Emotional Abuse

·       Divorce

·       Loss and grief

·       Self-esteem, self-confidence, and personal development

·       Trauma

·       Creating life balance and creating a healthier lifestyle

Individual therapy can be useful for anyone. Going to a therapist was previously associated with a lack of stability but currently, therapy is found to be beneficial for everyone. A therapist can give you an objective opinion, and teach you how to handle difficult situations

Every person has the potential to grow, and to achieve a positive balance in their life. I use a holistic, multidimensional approach tailored to each individual client’s needs and personal style. I am very committed to helping my clients find the best possible strategy to relieve their discomfort and to find peace of mind and happiness. I help clients build upon and further develop their strengths and feel confident and empowered in dealing with life’s challenges. I am known for my warm, caring, non-judging manner, as well as my tremendous knowledge, strategies and practical tools.

In both my clinical practice and coaching practice, I help clients work with their challenges to gain new levels of self-awareness, confidence, and strength. I teach my clients a set of skills to master their challenges and become more resilient to stress. I also guide and encourage my clients to create lifestyle practices that help them to better manage stress and to support their overall health and well being.

I have helped thousands of people over the many years I have been in practice and I would very much like to help you, too!