Dream Work

“The Dream is the small hidden door in the deepest and most intimate sanctum of the soul.”

-Carl Jung


Isobel specializes in helping parents assist their children with nightmares, and adults work with recurring dreams and nightmares.

If you are curious about night-time dreams, please sign up for my next presentation, Dream Interpretation workshop or dream group interpretation conference call.

Night dreams provide us with information from our unconscious and higher self. Dreams can provide us with insight into our behavior, provide guidance as to our true desires, and even help us make decisions. Dreams have multiple meanings and lend themselves to multiple interpretations. I believe that the dreamer is the best one to interpret their own dream. By offering possible interpretations the dreamer can choose those which feel correct and use the insight gained for greater self-awareness and take action accordingly.

Here is an example of what people report: “I went to Isobel’s dream workshop, not really knowing quite wat to expect. I was blown away as to how my dreams related to what was going on in my life. With Isobel’s expertise I was able to make sense of why I couldn’t move on and make decisions in my life. Thanks to her helping me understand what my dreams meant I was able to make the move I had been putting off for years. I was blown away with how she was able to help me understand my dreams and how this helped me tremendously in my waking life.” Colette McQuillan, Ireland

“I had been dreaming of my deceased brother for years, I thought it was because I missed him so much. After working on my dreams, one on one with Isobel, I discovered that my dream was not only about feelings of guilt around my brother’s death but also that my relationship with my husband was “dead”. I had been burying this for along time, but it wasn’t till I worked on my dreams that I truly felt the deep loss of my dream for our marriage. Thankfully, by acknowledging my feelings I was able to resurrect my relationship and I feel more alive and have a deeper connection than we ever had before working on my dreams”. Paula Smith, Connecticut 

Dreamwork can help us work through our issues and learn about our physical, mental, psychological, and spiritual selves. For individuals on a healing path, dreamwork offers powerful techniques for deep inner exploration. There is much wisdom within each of us which can be accessed and utilized consciously for our emotional and spiritual growth. Dreamwork can be done in groups, one on one and during psychotherapy sessions.

Isobel’s Dreamwork Background

Isobel completed her Masters in counseling thesis on “Nighttime Dreams in Adults with Post traumatic Stress Disorder” in 2003. Isobel has studied with leading dreamworkers: Jeremy Taylor, Monty Ulman, Robert Bosnak, and Robert Moss and enjoys working with dreams for personal growth. She is a member of the International Association for Dreams and has presented at their Conferences. Isobel has also presented on local radio and TV in Ireland, Connecticut and Florida USA.

Decoding Dreams

Dreams come in coded form and because of defensive mechanisms, it is often difficult to interpret our own dreams. Because of this a dreamworker can help you understand the coded messages.

According to Jeremy Taylor, “All Dreams come in the service of Health & Wholeness”. Nightmares come to the dreamer, to say wake up and pay attention, there is something of importance occurring in waking life. Once the issue is addressed, the nightmares or recurring dreams usually stop.